Tuesday, March 10, 2009


fuh penat nyer blk dr exhibition kat JKR... part time job... ye2 jer... well, not bad the exhibition but then there's nothing to do lor... evrytme mesti exhibition... td dpt petua mcm ne nak hilangkan borink... kite kena lah byk berckp.. eh 'lah' ni mcm soalan pendidikan agama yg bab pengajaran jer... well, nasib baik akak ader awin eh! ke, awin ader akak? erm, i wonder... duk borak2, awin jd reporter, akak jd inventor.. p/s mainan budak kecik....
meet uncle pratrick.. tokey booth sebelah, rupe2 nyer dh lame kawen tp tak de anak... then sumthing yg menusuk hati bile org cine sendiri ckp, "for wat we want to married if our wife cant pregnant but then we look for another women".. married is two person become one.. it is hard but if we really mean it then there is no problem.. ha lagi satu, org cine klu xde anak dier akan ambil anak angkat itu pun utk diturunkan harta.. wah! bagus btulkan? br je nak jd anak angkat uncle patrick tu tp dier dh ader anak angkat lelaki, siap dpt banglo sebijik.... uuuuuuuuu.....
to has something we need to give something... believing, honest, loving is the important things in a relationship....

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